Tuesday, 16 February 2016

YouTube Collaborations

As part of my exploration of the online video world I figured I would take a look at the education series provided by YouTube for expanding your audience. One of the key themes that is pushed by YouTube is that collaborating with other YouTubers with a channel similar to yours is a great way of getting new subscribers and introducing your content to people who might want to watch it.

Since Badgertronix developed into more than a mechanism for understanding how YouTube works, you start to develop friendships with like minded sorts from around the world. This has resulted in the first Badgertronix collaboration that included 3 other creators.

The collaboration became a global ordeal with Canada, USA and New Zealand represented. The original concept bares no resemblance to the the initial idea but that was all part of the process.
We ended up making a video that can only be described as original.

The collaborators all have channels vaguely related to automotive repair and maintenance, a long way from the dresses, makeup and innuendo that made it through to the final cut.

Coordinating across 3 separate timezones had remarkably few challenges and the availability of mechanisms like Google Drive, YouTube private videos and Google+ made things a breeze.

It was great learning and heaps of fun. Certainly a few things to work on for the next collaboration but in a positive way in order to create better content.

From the United States we had Rickafix, from Canada Thomas EXOVCDS and Steve Rob. A talented bunch of fellas, each with unique YouTube channel with innovative content.

The collaboration ended up a little like this:

 Definitely worth a watch, it won't be what you expected.