Friday, 4 December 2015

Trackday Funtimes

My birthday present this year was a track day for the VR6. I've never driven on a track before and the thought of driving my 18 year old VW Golf VR6 as hard as I could brought excitement and apprehension in equal measure.

The track in question was Hampton Downs in the Waikato. $80 NZD gets you to a twilight session that includes around 4 fifteen minute sessions.

To make sure the car had a chance of getting through the event I gave it a good looking over. Here's the video of the pre track day shake down:

The day itself was fantastic. It was pushing 30 degrees Celsius when I set off on the 80KM drive to the track. That in itself is probably the longest single journey I have done in what is usually my daily commuter. Did the car hold out? Did I manage to stay on the track? Here's the video of the day itself:

Of course the car made it although there were a couple of casualties from the extreme nature of going full blast on a race track:

It was a fantastic experience and one I hope to do again soon. Definitely some lessons learned from last time that will only make the day even better.

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