Saturday, 19 September 2015

Car Audio Extravaganza!

Coming soon to Badgertronix is a car audio video series getting decent sound out of the family Ford.

The car is used for long trips, with plenty of time spent in areas without radio reception so a decent stereo is handy to help the time pass.

The factory headunit is a single cd, double DIN Sony thing with Aux in hidden in the glovebox. Sound quality is fine, but lack of iPod or Bluetooth inputs meant having to crack out CDs which isn't ideal in 2015.

So what do I want?

  • USB, SD Card and/or iPod input - to get the tunes on the deck brah
  • Reversing Camera - it's a double DIN hole so might as well fill it with a screen.
  • Bluetooth handsfree - why not
  • Decent sound quality - upgraded speakers, possibly an amp, surface preparation.
  • Stealth install - nothing visible apart from the headunit. System designed for Go and not Show

The Plan

This upgrade is going to happen over a period of time with updates and reviews on the effectiveness of each step. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was an awesome car audio solution in a Ford Focus Wagon. The first part of the project is vaguely called 'Surface Preparation'. The car has no rattles, is well screwed together but there is a bit of road noise especially noticeable in the cheap seats at the back. First step is to reduce that noise and provide nice dampened surfaces for the system to work in.

  • Butyl and foam based sound deadening sheets are available from Dynamat and other companies. This is a heavy self adhesive material used to line doors, boot spaces and other areas to reduce road noise and vibrations. Provides a much better environment for your system to work in.

Next I'll look at the options and get moving on the install.

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